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Header of the website Le Randonneur
Harsh weather at the Fagnes. By Michel Lucas

harsh weather at the fens. image: michel lucas

Rutting deer in october.

rutting deer in october

Pingo (periglacial remains) in the Brackvenn.

Pingo (periglacial remains) in the brackvenn
link: pdf (french)

Wintery conditions on the Fagne de Fraineu.

wintery conditions on the fagne de fraineu

Painter at the brush, 2019.

painter at the brush, 2019

Cascade du Bayehon.

cascade du Bayehon


your dogs are welcome

but we also have guests who are not so happy with a dog; for this we have established some rules that make a stay pleasant for everyone.
  • You can come with a maximum of two dogs.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times in the common guest areas.
  • Dogs are not allowed to stay 'in the room' alone while you are leaving Le Randonneur.
  • Unfortunately for you and your dog, our garden is used by children, we ask you NOT to let your dog do it's business in the garden.
  • We also like to keep our terraces, front and rear, the road and the parking lot free of turds.
  • If your dog has relieved himself in the garden, on the patio, on the road or in the parking lot, take your responsibility and clean it up.   Next to the main entrance you will find a garbage bin where you can put the excrements.
  • Don't have a bag to put the excrements in? Ask us.


  per dog /night:  
  one night: € 15.-                
  two nights: €   10.-
  three+ nights: €   7.50